Hotels around the world insist on a special hotel phone set up. These phones are different from office phones. They are designed and manufactured in such a way that guests are satisfied. As our experience shows, the role of the guest room in today's increasingly important role is in the design of the telephone, which should be entered into the interior of the room.

  • We have created a collection of telephone sets that meet even the most demanding needs of our customers

  • We represent hotel telephone brands such as  AEI Communications, Cetis (Teledex, Telematrix), Cotell (Fuego), Bittel (Jacob Jensen), VTech

  • Analogue, IP and SIP telephones. Can be placed on a table or attached to a wall. It is possible to choose the design, colour and print on the front panel.


AEI Communications


Jacob Jensen 





Cetis Telematrix





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A wide range of AEI Communications analog and IP phones are tailored to the needs of any hotel. Whether it is a bedroom, desk, bathroom or public spaces, AEI Communications will have the right phone solution to complement any hotel interior.

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Bittel’s unique and feature rich telephones are both aesthetically pleasing and specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the hospitality market.

Bittel's  hotel phones have unique design and a particularly compact size.

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Cetis Cetis the world’s leading manufacturer of hotel guestroom telephones for over 20 years.

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VTech offers a comprehensive line of hotel phones that cater specifically to the hospitality market, made from antibacterial plastic. 

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Hotel Phones Have Several Benefits compare to  Regular Phones:

  • Modern design and top-technical solutions in analogue, VoIP, wired and wireless configurations
  • Compatible with most PBX telephone stations, including Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Aastra (Ericsson), Nortel, Panasonic etc.
  • Personalization options: hotel logo, various colors and other individual solutions for front panel phones
  • Phones are ready for use right after the connection
  • The hotel phones are made of high-end plastic (ABS), which guarantees the permanent color of the phone's plastic
  • Bathroom phones are waterproof, which guarantees absolute security when using phones in the bathrooms



Provide your guests with the efficiency and function they want. Let us help you to find the right phone model for your needs. Contact us


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