Our specialists have more than 15 years experience helping customers to realize contact center projects from planning to implementation. We work with industry leading vendors - Genesys, Alcatel-Lucent, Altitude. We provide the most advanced multimedia contact center solutions which combine the usual voice and digital customer service channels - calls, e-mail, sms, chat, social networks with recent innovations - mobile applications, web co-browsing, web callback, web- call-through, marketing campaigns, etc. Adventus Solutions has experience in contact center software installation, the integration with enterprise IT systems, application adaptation etc. 

Adventus Solutions expertise in contact center projects:

  • development and implementation of CC solutions
  • the installation of hardware and software; setting algorithms service
  • CC processes integration and automation
  • integration of all the media channels (voice, video, email, sms, chat, fax, co-browse session, some deferred work, callback and more)
  • integration with enterprise IT systems (CRM systems, database, IVR, WEB services, iBank etc.)
  • customization of Agent Desktop, Agent interface
  • CC applications development, such as dedicated CRM solutions, Agent Scripting, etc.
  • testing and trial operation support solutions
  • users instructing
  • support and warranty service

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